Welcome friends and Kingdom family!  I pray that you have found this website and realize that you are BLESSED BEYOND MEASUREeven if you do not feel as though you are!

Please understand…YOU HAVE NOT COME HERE BY HAPPENSTANCE!  You have found your way here because you need something.  Maybe it is simply a word of encouragement, maybe a word of clarification, or maybe you are here to hear something that is meant to challenge you to begin a (or renew your) faith walk with Jesus Christ.  Regardless of the reason you find yourself here, I praise God in advance, that any words he allows me to share not only bless you eternally, but encourage, edify and challenge you in your faith walk today, tomorrow and forever and ever, #amenamenamen

About This Blog

So, the Lord has been calling me to write for some time now – and while most people are on social media sites, facebooking, instagraming, or vlogging in some way;  this is my simple effort to do as the Lord instructed me to do and to please Him with my obedience.

With that being said, while this blog may go in many directions!  Yet, at it’s core this is a blog about faith.  About the kind of faith Christ has put in me and about how he continues to grow that faith throughout my journey!  I fully intend to remain submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this effort, by simply writing what He says to write, as well as sharing what He says to share.  Clearly, I am not here to debate but to share.  I do not claim to know everything, but what the Lord has shared with me, I hold dear.

A Poem for You

I’ve had numerous trials, went down countless trails **Rumbled, tripped & tumbled **Hard-headed & stubborn to no avail **Lived in foster homes, apartments on my own & cars in the city **Learned to accept help but have always detested pity **I’ve tasted triumph, endured loss **Stumbled along unsaved, not knowing the cost **I have followed, fell & fled **Resisted, encouraged, boycotted & lead **I’ve been right and sometimes wrong **Aware of splendid days **Then had to bear nights that were dreadfully long **I have felt alone in the midst of many **Stomached malnourishment in the midst of plenty **I’ve tasted poverty, death & pain **Experienced laughter, love and gain **But how do I continue on when my spirits wane… **Persist when my circumstances change… **Incessantly give up my guilt and shame… **Well it’s because I continue to grow as a Christian **In Jesus’ name **First I heard, and then I believed, **After I confessed, well the rest was history **He is the sweetest peace I’ve found on this earth **My precious savior’s grace, continually adds to my worth **He protects and builds me up day by day **So that I may serve others along the way **And while I sit silently gleaning my life’s purpose **Of his death, burial and resurrection I’ve been called to ask if you’ve heard of this? ***GOD BLESS YOU.

Know that I love you with the love of Christ!


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