My mother and I started the Daniel Fast on January 2. I can not tell you how awesome I felt that i was able to pre-prep and do a little shopping Jan 1 and felt totally awesome since I had all we needed to begin on January 2. Well let me tell you how quickly my joy has turned into frustration. We are definitely both doing good with the food, but what I’ve found 2 days in is that I am EXTRA IRRITATED.

I know, I know irritation can be expected when fasting – especially when yu did not pre plan far enough ahead to drink a gallon o water a day for a week prior to the fast to help clear out your system – but I was really thinking that because I have done this before that it would somehow be easier this time around! THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. sigh.

Anyhoo, I plan on sharing my thoughts from the 21 Day devotional, as a way to ensure that I blog daily, as well as to share what my goals are for this next year. Somewhat using this blog space as a means of keeping myself accountable for what I want out of 2019!

Well, be blessed and know that Jesus Christ loves you!

Toodles my noodles!!!

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BLESSED to be a Faith Blogger & FBNPLAY Host! I love people & have favor with God and man! WHO AM I; •#TRUEWorshipper of #Jesus •#LOVERofLepers •#FriendtotheFriendless •#FORGIVEN•#Submitted•#OBDNT •#WISDOMSboo •#PEACEmaker •#slavegirlROYALwalk P.s. I LOVE U😘💋

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