You are MY Black History

Norman Arthur La Franks, YOU ARE MY BLACK HISTORY… and I remember you…

 The years has flown since your passing, but today on your born day, I want to honor the memory of you. 

Through you – through your journey – a way was made for me and my own journey.  I thank you for the impact you had on my life.  Some good and some very sad, yet I appreciate all of it. It laid the foundation that eventually lead me to Christ.  

I thank God for you.  While you were an imperfect human being, the family told me how outgoing and personable you were. They said you were awesome at entertaining the crowd. You were great at stories, …you spun fabulous tales of fantasy for the enjoyment of those around you….and sometimes even for your personal benefit.  They told me, I chained smoked like you use to.  Lighting one cig up with another before the first was finished.  It’s amazing the traits that are passed down simply through genes.
Yet, I thank God that I got some of my best traits from you, my smile, my personality, my humor, & my entertaining spirit.  I praise God that I learned to stick to the truth in your absence, and have known God’s grace through His breaking my addiction to nicotine.

As an adult, I understand more fully now the strength of some of your struggles, your weaknesses and even your fears.  I’ve lived long enough to know now how hard it is to fight against the savage events of life.  To stay afloat consistently, while drowning endlessly.

 I can only imagine what you went through, the pain and heartaches; what lead fantasy to become your best friend, what lead you to run from your responsibilities.  When I was young I was angry, and I hated you.  I hated your weakness and your fear.  This lead me to hate my own weaknesses and fears….Having a more seasoned understanding from experiencing this life myself, I now am keenly aware that this world was not built for you, was not kind to you, and did not love you the way you may have needed it to.  I understand more fully how crippled it may have left you.  If no one ever said this to you in life, I apologize for the cruelty of this world.  I ask for your forgiveness for being so unforgiving for the majority of my life.  I love you and praise God that I was able to tell you that multiple times before you died.

Again, I love you, I forgive you, and pray I see you at heaven’s gate.

Song of the day: Sevin – Surrender, Purple Heart Album

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