Bread in the AM, Meat in the PM!

Trying to join Propher Jolynne Whittaker in the “UNTIL YOU BLESS ME FAST”!

Lord I need your direction every step of the way. Help me oh lord to understand and execute your will in my life. Allow me to submit to those things I must go through in order to draw out your oil within me. Break me for the Glory of the Lord Ana for the Glory of the Lord alone ABBA!

May your will be done in my life and through my life in Jesus mighty name amen amen amen

Lord direct me as to what you want me to eat on this fast, what you want me to refrain from on this fast, I give you space & time to speak – reveal your will to me lord Jesus mighty name amen amen amen!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

So the Lord brought me to exodus for Bible study today which I do not believe is happenstance. As I believe I am on the brink of a major breakthrough in my life, I feel it I believe it, I receive it, I declare and I decree it in Jesus mighty name -by the power of the Holy Spirit alone amen amen amen

thank you ABBA!!!

When asking what I could eat the Lord reminds me of the exodus passage. And Lo and behold I have manna bread in the freezer!

So i discern that He releases me to eat that bread and I cut off a quick bite. Then I add a fully fresh juiced cold breaker from the neighborhood Lazy Acres and feel empowered in my gut! Praise Jehovah he will answer our prayers, so we must remember to give him praise!

Lord help me at all times to remember you in all I do and in all that I seek amen amen amen!



The end of the day was awesome! To explain why the end was so very awesome, I first have to tell you that the enemy came for me this morning! Tried to get my whole day off track. Got my whole nervous system up in a roar, trying to mess with your girl. While I was initially triggered, I was able to maintain a level head, remind him that the LORD rebukes him and laugh at his attempt to get me out of faith! I reminded him that even if he thought he had got in a good shot, my ABBA DADDY WINS IN THE END ANYWAY and HE would work it out -hey hey! Oh how blessed my soul was to rest in that truth. I don’t have to do anything. Wait, I do need to repent – which i did – asking for forgiveness for those sins that I knew of, was unsure or absolutely just did not know! Then I was able to rest in the fact that my ABBA DADDY would rush to the rescue and handle the battle for me! I just had to stand and praise HIM, GLORY TO HIS NAME FOREVER AND EVER AMEN!

So first, he resolved the attack on me in the am, then I got a call from a friend in jail mid day and we talked away about revelations that he had be receiving from GOD, along with actually Revelations prophecy. We effectively edified one another and confirmed some things for one another. He told me things that confirmed that GOD was answering prayers that I had prayed over him, and it overjoyed my heart!

Later in the day, I had a visit with a friend who no longer lives in Long Beach. While we were catching up, it was revealed to me that she has the exact skill set I need to turn my program into a curriculum training! Praise God. I’ve been praying to the LORD – ok ok, I’ve been complaining to the LORD that I had the desire, the will, but not the skill to execute a training program! I did not even know where to start! Well praise GOD I don’t have to because Rachel does! Whoop Whoop! Doing my little praise jig!

This is BIG! I have been praying over this vision FOR YEARS! Working hard toward it and its funny because I literally felt as if the LORD told me to rest in this season! hahaha! Talk about a confirming word! He needed me to rest, to get in his word – get his water- and shift from the last traces of past complex traumas, so that I’m ready to step into the land and TAKE THE TERRITORY! I BELIEVE IT, I RECEIVE IT, I DECLARE AND I DECREE IT, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! I have so many hopes of impacting my community for the good and it all starts by bringing understanding and hope back to the individual in society. Using conflict resolution tools geared toward the internal conflicts we all have, but beginning with our children! I am beyond juiced and see HIS hand all over this!

Lastly, there are some very exciting things brewing on the FBNPLAY home-front that has me hooping and hollering in the spirit as well! I see elevation, business and community recognition, released financial flow and investor support coming our way! IN THE MIGHT NAME OF JESUS AMEN AMEN AMEN – YeahYEAH!

So all in all it was a great day and I see things breaking and shifting in the spirit! The enemy has no power here, all PRAISE BELONGS TO YAHWEH and HE will receive it! To this I say, YES AND AMEN and bring on more ABBA! IM READY by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT alone! #amenamenamen #slavegirlroyalwalk


You are MY Black History

Norman Arthur La Franks, YOU ARE MY BLACK HISTORY… and I remember you…

 The years has flown since your passing, but today on your born day, I want to honor the memory of you. 

Through you – through your journey – a way was made for me and my own journey.  I thank you for the impact you had on my life.  Some good and some very sad, yet I appreciate all of it. It laid the foundation that eventually lead me to Christ.  

I thank God for you.  While you were an imperfect human being, the family told me how outgoing and personable you were. They said you were awesome at entertaining the crowd. You were great at stories, …you spun fabulous tales of fantasy for the enjoyment of those around you….and sometimes even for your personal benefit.  They told me, I chained smoked like you use to.  Lighting one cig up with another before the first was finished.  It’s amazing the traits that are passed down simply through genes.
Yet, I thank God that I got some of my best traits from you, my smile, my personality, my humor, & my entertaining spirit.  I praise God that I learned to stick to the truth in your absence, and have known God’s grace through His breaking my addiction to nicotine.

As an adult, I understand more fully now the strength of some of your struggles, your weaknesses and even your fears.  I’ve lived long enough to know now how hard it is to fight against the savage events of life.  To stay afloat consistently, while drowning endlessly.

 I can only imagine what you went through, the pain and heartaches; what lead fantasy to become your best friend, what lead you to run from your responsibilities.  When I was young I was angry, and I hated you.  I hated your weakness and your fear.  This lead me to hate my own weaknesses and fears….Having a more seasoned understanding from experiencing this life myself, I now am keenly aware that this world was not built for you, was not kind to you, and did not love you the way you may have needed it to.  I understand more fully how crippled it may have left you.  If no one ever said this to you in life, I apologize for the cruelty of this world.  I ask for your forgiveness for being so unforgiving for the majority of my life.  I love you and praise God that I was able to tell you that multiple times before you died.

Again, I love you, I forgive you, and pray I see you at heaven’s gate.

Song of the day: Sevin – Surrender, Purple Heart Album

Water into Wine

JOHN 2: 1 On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

“Woman,[a] why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Nearby stood six stone water jars, the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing, each holding from twenty to thirty gallons.[b]

Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.

Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”

They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside 10 and said, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”

11 What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.


Turning water into wine.  Most of the time when I hear this passage, its being utilized as a scriptural OUT for those conversations with “the Churchiest” christians who may -or may not- lean a bit too legalistic.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used it myself a time or two, simply to give myself permission to kick it a lil bit!  I especially dwelt over this scripture to decipher whether my two drink max was sufficiently christ-like, when out and about with friends.  But I’m not really here to discuss the semantics of whether christians should drink or not.

[I suggest you gather your own interpretation from the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you personally.  I believe that sometimes He will tell us to do the same thing, and other times He gives us different directives.  Don’t get mad.  Just be obedient. Heed what He tells YOU to do.  PERIOD.]

Nonetheless, I do like a lil bit o’ wine.  Though, TBH, I don’t drink it or anything else very much. When I do purchase it, it always ends up lining my refrigerator door….for months…like 6 or more…Gasp.  I know. My vino friendly friends would be aghast. But I digress….when I do chose to indulge red wines are my preferred go toos.   I have other specific few go toos that are a must or its a bust for me when I want to wet my whistle with adult beverages.  I passionately love this one sour craft beer @3fonteinen, which I drink whenever I get it as a gift from my craft-beer fantastic, fanatic friend @bibbidi_bobbidi_brew.  And I’ll have one or two good Cadillac Margarita’s with a shot of Grand Marnier – like when I go out with friends – I mean when I used to go out with friends…which most recently, well is literally… never, anymore.

Anyhoo, I’d wager to say that I’m not really the typical drinker type, if there is such a thing. And I’m far from being in the space where I need to lean on the scripture to make it ok for me to indulge in a glass.  So, I was not really sure why the Spirit drew me to this scripture.  Nevertheless, I found myself lead by the Spirit to read John chapter 2 this morning. As I read it, I was definitely intrigued but I was not that interested.  I mean, Jesus turned water into wine.  Its a great story and all, but I don’t need a drink right now Lord, I need a miracle.  In fact, I need many more of your miracles.  I’m praying without ceasing, expecting and prepping for some big things in the spirit Lord.  So, wine?  Just not there.  Don’t really care about it.

Yet, as I was reading, I began to think that maybe, just maybe, this scripture wasn’t really just about Jesus’s first miracle, or being an exasperated son to a braggy, overzealous mother; or even really about whether Christ-like-ians should or could drink the devil’s brew.  Today I felt I heard that it was about something deeper.  Something more profound.  Something a bit more life altering than whether one should have merlot, zima, or water with your din din.

In John Chapter 2, your boy Jesus Cristo (said with a Mexican enunciation) and his homies are chilling at a party. Whoop Whoop!  Jesus and the crew are trying to enjoy themselves and have a good time, but the drank runs out!  So of course Jesus’ mama immediately turns to him and puts him on blast.  ‘They don’t have any wine’, she said!  Jesus is like, why you looking at me, its not time for all that moms!  Still, the ever obedient son, Jesus makes sure the party continues with some fresh, exquisite tasting wine…

Here is where the Holy Spirit begins to get louder so that he can change my perception of this scripture.  While I have only ever read this bit, as permission to kick it – within reason – this time around the Holy Spirit had me focus in on John 2, verse. 9- 11.

Now the headwaiter did not know where it had come from, but the servants who had drawn the water knew. As the headwaiter tasted the water that had become wine, he calls the bridegroom 10 and says to him, “Everyone brings out the good wine first, and whenever they are drunk, then the worse. But you’ve reserved the good wine until now!” 

Here the Spirit nudged me in my spirit and said, most people bring out their best first.  This is true in a host of things.  For example, most people you meet will introduce you to their spokesperson.  Their ideal image of themselves shows up, and highlights to you their best traits and funniest characteristics.  Most people these days adhere to this first impression bit, so they will always put their best foot forward…But you do not meet the actual person – the real person – until months or even years down the line.

But the Holy Spirit whispered, the Lord has reserved his best for last!  You are a part of his best!  The Spirit shared that His end time warriors will be like nothing this world has ever seen.  For a long time, I believed that I was the only one who thought that we are in the end of the end times, but I keep hearing God’s apostles and prophets speaking this truth in agreement now.  By the Spirit, I also believe that God is saying that the best of his chosen people will be revealed in this hour.  That he will use regular people to do great and wonderful exploits for him.

Think about water.  While it is a life giving source, a lot of people don’t care about water, nor drink enough of it.  Most people would pass up a drink of water for a soda, chia or coffee, let alone for a glass of bubbly or wine. They want something with flavor, something that jumps off the tongue, something – anything pleasurable – as long as it is not as boring as water!

It is similar with God’s people. A lot of people think that Christ-like-ians live boring, limited, prudish, laborious, uneventful lives.  For Christians who actively gird themselves up in God’s word, who war for God’s promises by standing on the word of God, and having great expectations due to God’s desire for their lives to be more abundant and full….this of course is NOT true; but the world may still see us as average, less than successful, silly underachievers living beneath our potential.  Yet, the Spirit says that the Lord will turn what the world sees as undesirable water into the best of the best wine.

What I have to share with the world, what His church has to release into the current atmosphere; it will be so tasty to the this thirsting, hurting and dying generation that they will suck it down like the tastiest vino available.

11 Yeshua did this, the first of the signs, in Cana of the Galilee—He revealed His glory, and His disciples believed in Him.

Considering that this was Christ’s first miracle, the first revelation of His Glory and the first sign that His followers saw to believe in Him, I sense that it has relevance in this specific day and age.  Jesus turned water into wine.  Meaning, He got it crunk!  Now, in the end of the end times, he is preparing to do the same but on a whole n’other level!  This new wine will blow the world’s mind!!!  If this sign caused his followers to believe in ancient times, this next level water to wine sign, will most certainly do even more.

Understanding this, led me next to think upon the scripture Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore, beg the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”

If there are folks out there like me, then the enemy has kept you weighed down in the past by convincing you that your sound, your gifting DOES NOT REALLY MATTER TO ANYONE.  No one will really need it or will miss it, if I am not obedient to what the Lord is asking me to do. If I do this, but not that….it will be ok, He will raise someone else up to do it, all will be well. And that may be true, but all will NOT be well with me!   And if you are being or have been disobedient, then it will NOT be well with you! I am starting to believe that the intense depression and anxiety that crippled my life for years was a direct consequence for my disobedience to God’s call.

I was praying to God for His will to be done in my life, praying for my purpose to be revealed and then when I finally received it in my heart, when I clearly HEARD FROM GOD…I remember telling God…um, yeaaaaaah….NO!  I want to do your will Father, but I am not doing that! Give me something else.  I would tell God that!  I thank God for His grace and mercy for not striking me dead in my disobedience!  PRAISE GOD!!! Still I would tell God, I’m not telling them that!  I don’t want to share that.  I want to help hurting and broken people Lord, but NOT BY SHARING MY HURT AND BROKEN STORY!  There has got to be another way! I’ll serve anywhere else!  I just can’t do that!

Who does that! Who has the nerve to tell God NO, after begging to hear Him!  O-0…Some of what fueled my disobedience came from past hurt – not that this is a valid reason to be disobedient, it was just my excuse – and maybe a little bit of anger at God.  I’ve lost so much….why would you want me to share that.  Some of it was fear of man, some of it came from pride….I did not want to see pity on not a single person’s face.  I don’t want them to judge me.  I don’t want them to cry with me or for me.  I DON’T WANT TO SHARE BECAUSE I DON’T WANT THEM TO KNOW!   I wanted to hide, to keep myself from others, incorrectly thinking that if I did, I could protect myself from further hurt and pain.  That was and still is a lie from the pit of hell.  Not stepping out and sharing the word of my testimony, not only hindered me from walking in being a TRUE OVERCOMER, but also gave the enemy place and a legal right to attack me. (Eph 4:27)  What it did NOT do was keep me from further hurt of pain.

Still, I thought, what can I do? Little ol’ me. How can I do one thing to change the tide? Especially because there are sooooo mannnnnnyyyy to be saved, and soooo many others to be helped.  Brothers and sisters, I beseech you, listen to me now!  This is another lie from the pit of hell, leaning hard on your lack of self esteem, to keep others bound!  You may be FINALLY getting your boat right-side up, finally be able to breathe, but if your brother is still sinking, then YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE!  If the unsaved still abound, YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE! If there are others where you came from still drowning in hell, struggling with what you have finally overcome, then YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE!!!

Remember, do not get caught up in what you are doing, or what you can do – in your own strength or power.  It matters not, if the audience the Lord has placed before you is 1, or if there are so many before you that they look like a sea…with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! (Matthew 19:23-30)  By the power of the Spirit, things change.  Mountains move, the dead come to live, the sick are healed.  Not by our power, not by our effort, but by the Spirit of the living God. (Zechariah 4:6)

REMEMBER, if Christ can turn normal tasting water into a powerful celebratory tool, in ancient times, how much more can he do with our simple tasting water.  Us pouring ourselves out (our gifts, our song, our love, our helps, our hospitality, our peace, our joy, our smile, our service) before the Lord daily, carrying our cross, going to the godless – touching, praying, healing them, speaking peace over them and their lives – showing them Christ and then telling them of the one who all this healing, wholeness and peace comes from.  Think about how the Lord Jesus Christ, can use that water and just watch Him turn it into the most glorious tasting wine that edifies the body of Christ, as well as expands it!  In Jesus name, amen amen amen.


SIDENOTE: After reading all of chapter two of John, I decided to do a little research, to delve into the word a bit where the Spirit lead me.  The following are the notes I researched from the web and scribbled that will hopefully help you, and if nothing else will help me to organize and document my thoughts and some of the Holy Spirit’s leading to be chewed upon more now or later….

Snippit’s from Concordance, and


John 2:1 On the third day, there was a wedding at Cana in the Galilee. (TLV -Tree of Life Version)


First thing of note, was that this wedding happened on the 3rd day in whatever month and year it was.  Today was also the 3rd.  There are no coincidences in the Lord.  Let that sink in.

3, is the number of divine wholeness, completeness or fulfillment and perfection.  The Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (or Spirit), lends to how significant the number three is.  3 symbolizes growth and multiplication, expansion and expression. 3 is the first of four spiritually perfect numerals: 3, 7,10,12.   There are 27 books of the new testament and mathmaticly breaks down to 3x3x3, or completeness to the 3rd power.  Did I mention that three has been my favorite number for over two decades? Hmmm…

There were 3 disciples at Gethsemane (possibly representations of light, love, and life – though not sure according to who…).  Jesus asked Peter if he loved Christ 3 different times.  Suggesting that Christ may have been trying to tap into 3 levels of our consciousness; the conscious mind, the superconscious mind and the subconscious mind.  (Maybe if these are in agreement, then Christ’s will can prevail for our life).

Jesus’ life is story of 3’s.  He was given 3 gifts after his birth.  He started his ministry at the age of 33.  He raised 3 people from the dead. He prayed in Gethsemane 3x’s before his arrest, He was denied 3x’s, He was hung at the 3rd hour of the day (nine am) and died at the ninth hour (3pm). 3 hours of darkness covered the land while Jesus suffered on the cross for 3 hours, from the sixth to the ninth hour.  He was hung in a grouping of 3 with the thieves.  Jesus died and rose after 3 full days and 3 full nights.

There are 3 major feast: the Tabernacle, Weeks and of the Unleavened Bread.  Jonah was in the belly of the whale for 3 days…(sidenote: was it a 3 day trek, or so he would have 3 days of fasting)… The second Trinity was the family unit, Adam, Eve and child. The 3rd Trinity: the body, the spirit, and the soul. The fourth Trinity: the 3 divisions of consciousness mentioned above (and in the new testament).  There are 3 sides to Jesus’ shepherd identity; the Good Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, and the Great Shepherd. God addresses Jesus and his believers 3x’s. There were 3 righteous patriarchs before the flood; Able, Enoch, and Noah. After the flood, the righteous father’s were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).

3 people see Jesus’ transfiguration on the Mount Hermon; John, Peter and James. Paul quotes 3 greek poets and visits God’s throne in the 3rd heaven (2 cor. 12:2-4). 3 words only, appear in the scripture one time; Reverend (Psalm 111:9), Eternity (Isaiah 57:15), and grandmother (2 tim1:5). 3 people were allowed to ask God anything: King Solomon (1 kings 3:5), Ahaz (Isaiah 7:11), Jesus Christ (Psalm2:9). 3 gifts were given to Israel by God: His law, a land of Inheritance, and Their Calling.